Here we shall look closer at music Stephie likes..

As mentioned earlier, Stephie is a big fan of metal music, along with a few bands that aren't really metal. Here she will list the bands she likes, and if you get bored, you clicked on the link, so it's your own fault!

Right then. On with the list, which is in no particular order:

I adore these. I fell in love with them in...oooh...2000? Yes I think it was then. Something about their music jumped out at was beautiful. I truely admire a band that can mix growling and actual vocals together and make it work, that is something Mushroomhead have done, in my opinion at least, and what makes them great. I own every song up until 2006 where I stopped purchasing due to a lack of funds. They do sit on my number one spot, shared with another band.

Ah Rammstein. I don't even remember when I first heard these, but I do know that when I heard Sonne, I fell in love with them.
There is something magical in Rammstein's music. I'm not sure why. Is it because they are German? Or is it because they are Industrial? I don't really know....I think it might be the pyrotechnics.

I have always loved Kittie, from the very first time I heard "What I always Wanted". From that moment I was hooked to Morgan Lander, and became a dissapointment to my parents. The thing that makes this band great is that they are (to my knowledge) the only successful female metal band, one who have always stayed true to their cause.

Cradle of Filth
Come on, get it out of your system "ooooh a Catholic that likes Death Metal?" Done now? Awsome.
So, Cradle of Filth and I began our love affair when I was 10 years old. Their music spoke to me, in a fashion, and paved the way for what that time will be rememebered as "Stephies Goth phase". I like the mixture of orchestra, harmonious lyrics and a death-scream that the band displays. My favourite album is Midian, which I think best would represent my overall favourite kind of music.

My Ruin
I have seen My Ruin live twice now, and adore their music. I have several favourite songs by them too. Both times I have seen My Ruin I have met the band, and the second time I met them Tarrie slapped my arse and winked at me, truely one of the greatest moments of my life *giggles*
My favourite thing about My Ruin is their consistency, I would say this is what makes them awsome.

Jack off Jill
I started listening to Jack off Jill around the same time as My Ruin. I like this band, because they are very different from my typical music, in that the screaming is actual screaming, not just growling.
The thing that makes this band great is the energy in the songs, and the messages that are displayed

Other band the Princess likes include:

*Marilyn Manson
*The Used
*Brand New
*Within Temptation
*Iron Maiden
*Guns 'n Roses