Room Design

Playing around with various doll-makers (They are just darn cute arent they?), I stumbled across alot of room makers. So I decided this was a great time to put my designs of how my dream house would be onto paper. Err..I mean screen.
The living room.
It's nice and bright. No clutter, and its pretty. There would be an antique bookcase somewhere too, but the maker didnt have one :P
This is the kitchen. It's peach, which is a great kitchen colour, and has all the needy kitchen things. Like a coffee machine! Needs more cupboards though.
This is the bedroom. It's so pink and black and *drool* And the sparkly? *more drool* It's perfect.
A very beautful bathroom. It's simple, and effective *nods*
I tried to keep pink to a minimum here. I erm....I think I did quite well!
Honestly my pride and joy. Mutant wants this lovely black room with computers and vast amounts of books in. I suppose this would be called the joint libary-study room.
Aah the nursery. Such a cute little room. It's such a little boys room!
This is the baby girls room. Duckies!!
And I couldn't resist a princess room. So I made one. Ha!
The spare rooms. Every home needs one, or in this case two. You never know when you'll have guests. I think i got a bit carried away with them though..*nervous laugh*