The Stephie Dictionary

Stephie, being the strange creature she is, has many words and phrases to call her own. In this dictionary [Which will not be in alphabetical order for the time being, and will be a work in progress] you will see all of the Stephie words, phrases, sounds and meanings for general words. Enjoy. Oh and, these are Stephies words....and dont steal them. Because I know where you live and will make you sorry ^-^

Everyone:- Depending on it's context it either means 1)Everyone excluding people Stephie likes [e.g. Everyone needs to go to hell] or 2) Everyone Stephie likes and or respects [e.g. I love everyone]

Cute:- Cute is generally a spur of the moment kind of thing. What is cute now, may not be cute in an hours time.
Things that are cute: Babies. Anything that is a baby is cute. Bunnies. Dancing. Kindness. KITTIES. TURTLES. Anything Pink.

Anything:- This depends on Stephies mood. Anything can change from time to time, and does. So if Stephie says anything, it's going to change. This could be good news or bad news. Generally bad news.

Stephieness:- Anything that defines Stephie as Stephie.

Maybe:- This means either "yes but I'm too shy to admit I like or want the thing in question" or "no but I'm too shy to admit I dont like it". Generally speaking, maybe is a good thing!

Coot:- Ah, a true Stephie word. Coot is Stephie-speak for Cute. Coot is defined differently however. Cute may change, but Coot is forever. Mutant is Coot, however dancing is not.
Situations where Coot will be used: While watching Animal Planet, in the presence of cute things, Pink, babies a few days old [regardless of species] and also when recieving gifts.

EEE:- A Stephie sound. Used in delight and or excitment [ignores comments on this]. Mostly around chocolate, or baby animals.

Boo:- A favourite of Stephies. This basically means Beautiful and is a term of endearment.

Ahbuhbahbahbah:- Yet another Stephie sound. This is generally used when Stephie is tired, bored, or been quiet for a long time. Mostly tired. Stephie is a sleepyhead ^-^

Sleepyhead:- A Mutie-Stephie word. This is generally used when either of us yawns and is sleepy [generally 5 mins after we have woken up] Sleepyhead also is used when Stephie takes a nap ^-^ Stephie is a cat and needs to nap!

Gah:- A Stephie exclamation. Generally used when Stephie is displeased. Mostly when people tease her, or she has to do something she doesn't want to do.

".....Fairy Princess":- Stephie got this saying from Cow and Chicken, which rocks by the way, and uses it to emphasise greatness.

Greatness:- Greatness is defined as anything that Stephie likes. This includes food, people and animals. Hell even television or toys!

Nicey or Niceyness:- Stephie uses this word to express YAY for things, and is generally restricted to food or television

YAY:- This is used when there is no need for words. Yes, sometimes YAY is enough to make someones day, or to let someone know you like what they are giving you

Goodie-Goodness:- Stephie uses this word to show her feelings for Nicey. Goodie-Goodness means Stephie like, and Stephie want more of!

Goodies:- Stephie uses this word for sweeties and chocolate and ginger and chilli noodles ^-^ Basically anything tasty, like TATERS!!! And coooooooooooookies *drool*

EEGAD:- Another Stephie expression. Stephie uses this in delight. It is also used in suprise, or when Mutant tickles Stephie.

Na-na-na:- The Stephie calling for Mutant.

*Meow*:- A Stephie sound. Said mostly when lonely.

I see:- This is generally used when Stephie has nothing more to say, or if she is confused. I see pops up alot in Stephie finds it hard to follow different trains of thought!

Oh right:- This is also used when Stephie doesnt have much to say, but more often than not it generally means "elaborate further as I'm really interested"

Nuggle:- A hug.

Perdy:- Quite simply Stephies way of saying pretty.

Weally:- Stephies way of saying really. Simple huh?

Chewie:- Anything that can be chewed. Stephie likes to chew^-^

Pleh:- This word normally follows Bah. Its meaning is simply "this sucks".

Bah:- The word before Pleh. Bah can also be used to express displeasement

*purrs*:- A Stephie sound. Made when being patted, or when anything Stephie likes is happening

Uber-Kittie:- A favourite game of Stephies. This game is played at night, generally when Mutant is extremely tired.
Uber-Kittie is played by Stephie diving onto the bed and stealing Blankies, curling up and preventing Mutant from going to sleep ^-^ He loves it really

Tenshuns:- Said "tensions". A Stephie word meaning attention. Stephie likes attention :D

Ty-ty:- Stephie says this when she gets sleepy.