So you want to know about Stephie?

There is alot one can say about a Stephie, and her likes.
Stephie came into the world on the morn of the 3rd of March in 1989, in a small town in England. A small quiet baby, she soon became one with the colour Pink. Her biggest dream was to become a beautiful Princess, similar to her favourite character in Final Fantasy IX, Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII.
Stephie, you will find, is a very religious one, later being adopted into the Catholic Church at age 9. This will be amusing to those of you who know Stephie's secret, which will not be listed here in full view of the public.

As she got older, her dreams changed from that of a docile Princess, and fell in love with medicine, biology and chemistry. Most of her childhood would be spent in libarys reading from encyclopedias on the subjects, and excelling from school despite having to take a year off for medical reasons.
At age 16, Stephie fell in love with a mysterious character called Mutant, a man from Denmark. They spent their time chatting away, learning everything about each other, from dusk til dawn. They wished to meet, but alas the world would not accept a Princess and a Mutant being together. Then, diaster struck! Stephie was forced to move away from her home, but the Mutant decided he would take up the job of taking care of the young Princess. And so he did. They are due to wed by the end of the year.


Stephie, as mentioned, loves medicine, biology and chemistry. Thus far her mind is made up to study chemistry at University, with other courses in biology and medicinal chemistry. She is very passionate about these subjects, all of the sciences in fact.
In her spare time, Stephie loves to play computer games. Among her favourites are Oblivion, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy IX, Dragon Age Origins and World of Warcraft. As one could tell from this small list, Stephie loves roleplaying games. Before she left England, Stephie was playing Dungeons and Dragons with some of her college friends, and can delight for hours with tales of her adventures killing Orcs.

Stephie loves metal music, and for your pleasure there is an entire section devoted to this elswhere in the Lair.