My pictures

The Princess is a creative one, and over the course of 4 years has been using various drawing programs to draw pretty pictures. The majority of these will be drawn in Paint, and the later ones will have used GIMP. The Princess uses drawing to siphon out emotions and thoughts, lest her brain be full to the brim.


This is the first thing I ever created, and it shows. I use this as a baseline to see how far I've come since this picture was made. The purpose of this one was to get a feel for using Paint and getting my ideas down on paper (well, a screen)

Attack of the robehed

This is completly hand drawn, apart from the lightning as at the time of creation I wasn't good enough to draw lightning. The ideas behind this picture were a girl who was in the middle of a battle between some people (prehaps a different faction) where things soon get overwhelming. The themes involved were struggle, survival and a little bit of doom.


I personally adore the little bumble bees. This picture was to explore the season spring and the wonderful things about it. Themes are a little self-explanitory, spring, sunshine, happiness, and the start of a new life.


Now this picture is an oddball. I cannot remember why I made this, and it certainly doesn't have any themes. I think it was more to throw several differnt things together and make something that could be viewed in any angle.


A picture of the sea, or at the very least an aquarium. There is only really one theme here, and that is the sea/underwater life.


EEGAD. Those penguins *grin* I love them, and they are on vacation, and are soooooooooooooo cute! The inspiration for this one was simple. I love penguins, and i thought the idea of a family of penguins touring the jungle was adorable. Hehe. Those baby Penguins ^-^

One More Day

The inspiration for this picture came from one of my favourite Mushroomhead songs "One more day". Themes here are sadness, regret, and lonelyness.

My Wally

This should be pretty simple. I love my Wally. I've owned her since the day I was born, and we are best friends! She loved the picture, and is convinced she looks slimmer here. *giggles*


I spent almost two days drawing it, and though it might not be great, I'm pleased with it. My inspiration came from Mutant's warlock's Succubus(from WoW). This was before I started playing the game too.


I had a slight addiction to doll-makers back in the day, and here is a collection of them. This isn't really a picture as much as a collection of the crazy stuff I used to do with doll-makers