From: that dan

From: Stskeeps
*hug* fancy site ;)

From: Plåtis
Just saying Hi

From: Mutant
we have had problems with what appeared to be bots posting rather stupid links in here, as a result your ip will now be logged if you post here. That is only done so we can block any ips the bots will be using (if they come back)

From: steph
:] its wicked! heh awh luffs you x

From: Elisabeth
Hi Stephie, lots of cool stuff here, and I love your poems :)

From: Dan
the king of kingas and the lead member of dx would like to ay you rule and we love you!!!!! come home soonxxxx

From: FZ
ARRRRRRRRGH!!!! the pink.... allll the pink... my eyes are melting.... meeeeelting.... what a world...what a world.... :D well joke aside.... hello to you two. I just thought I would write a couple of words :) ARRRRGH THE PIIIINK! ;D

From: nanul
yay Steph, did Mutant set this up for you? Doing very well get some more pics on here enjoy

From: Hejdi
YAY Stephie!!!! Loove your pics

From: DANI!
Hi mummy! I like icecream. :) *cuddle*

From: Annika
Hi Stephie, we havent me before but Kim is threatening me if i dont sign here (HELP!!)

From: Mutant
This is a test to see if I have set this up correctly, if I have enjoy your new guestbook Stephie

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