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A Summery

Inner torment, no longer hidden by the mask.
Problems deeper than any scar, and memory
No way to escape. Not even a map to show the way
Wishing something would just take away the pain.

Trying so hard to forget
To be better
Does an antidote or a cure exist?
Of course not....

Light is there however.
Some hope
In the shape of love
Strong. Powerful love

But sometimes that love wont stop the shouting
The constant shouting

That love may never sheild the fact that what is heard hurts so much
How could it ever sheild that pain?

Whatever happens however...
...that love will remain in such a way it will take away that pain
Sometimes....even if just a little

But...deep down...
Untill that day comes when that love finally becomes complete...
...dispair will continue to crack the mask that can hide the pain in the heart.. the soul.

Really....that love....will keep that hope there...
...True love...that's what it is!