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Well into the early hours of the morning
Sceptre raised in frount of her
The Princess of Alexandria gingerly walks down the steps of Treno.

Her only companion, her trusty Sceptre
Protected only by her White Magic
Leaving her guards behind
She searches for him.

Her one true love. Her saviour. Her hero.
Taking her from her life of Royalty and shelterdness
Bringing her with him on his loney travels of pain, struggle....dispair

Because he was always there for her!
When her spirits were low
Held her as she cried.

And now?! she wept
He is lost in Memoria, never to return
How can she take the throne without him?

So she left Alexandria, travelled to Treno
Why? She did not know....

Her companions feared for her
Sinking deep into herself
A shell...

A shell only Zidane could break
Only Zidane...

And she sits there
Where she and Zidane once sat
Wishing upon a shooting star
Staring at the moons of Gaia

Why couldnt they see it?
There was NO life without him

Not untill she found a way to reopen Memoria
And bring back her beloved Zidane...